Fulfillment & Shipping Setup for the Holiday Season 2020

Fulfillment & Shipping Setup for the Holiday Season 2020 Your eCommerce sales revenue won’t be in your bank account until everything is shipped and fulfilled successfully. This final step is critical to ensuring customers are satisfied and increasing their lifetime value. This is perhaps the most important fact in eCommerce history, and it’s even more so […]

eCommerce Warehousing 101: Types, Benefits and More

eCommerce Warehousing 101: Types, Benefits and More As more people open their own eCommerce businesses and as retailers expand their product offerings, the eCommerce industry is rapidly growing. Wix eCommerce stores generated $5.4 billion in online transactions in 2020 and experienced 114% YoY growth in sales revenue. This means that now is the best time […]

The 2022 Live Stream Shopping Revolution Will Rule the World – What You Need To Know

China is the best place to start if you want to predict how live streaming shopping will impact eCommerce’s future. Alibaba’s live streaming selling platform Taobao Live boasts nearly 40 million users. Last year’s Singles Day shopping festival, which was billed as the largest 24-hour online sales event in the world, saw the Taobao marketplace make $7.5 […]

Wix can help you prevent an eCommerce site from collapsing and reveal the true cost.

Wix can help you prevent an eCommerce site from collapsing and reveal the true cost. Imagine you have just launched a new product. It’s exciting. It’s a big deal with your customers on social media. It is possible to see every dollar sign in your future. It all ends in a halt because your site isn’t able to […]

Oberlo is the victim: Here are your options

Oberlo was shut down as a dropshipping option on June 15, 2017. Shopify purchased the app in 2017. The app is now officially closed. Merchants will need to find an alternative. Here are two of our top Oberlo alternatives. Find out how they compare with Oberlo, and get tips on choosing the right dropshipping platform to suit […]

Bigcommerce Enterprise Features to Increase Revenue

Are you thinking about migrating to eCommerce platforms? Your business can grow by aligning eCommerce platform options with your specific business goals. This blog will share 5 BigCommerce Enterprise features that can help B2B and D2C eCommerce store owners create seamless shopping experiences and increase revenue. Bigcommerce Enterprise Features to Increase Revenue BigCommerce Enterprise is a robust platform […]

BigCommerce Website: Migrating 4 Sites Into 1

Many eCommerce businesses have difficulty optimizing the user experience when it comes to the website designing process. One of our clients was one of these. We migrated multiple eCommerce sites to BigCommerce to improve customer experience and simplify the process of creating custom BigCommerce products. BigCommerce Website Migration: Barron Designs Barron Designs sells interior design products that are […]

What is Domain Authority? How can I improve it?

Do you want to improve your eCommerce SEO strategies? Have you ever thought What is domain authority? This blog will explain what it is and what businesses could do to increase their domain authority. What is Domain Authority? Moz developed the concept of domain authority. It predicts the likelihood that a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain […]

Email Marketing Services: How Groove Can Help

Did you know that Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to reach customers. Although it can be difficult to create an email strategy, you will see the return on your investment. Groove Commerce, a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency as well as a Klaviyo Partner Agency, is committed to providing a white-glove service […]

Analyzing User Interface vs User Experience

What is the Difference Between UX and UI? It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring or current designer who wants to design a user interface to optimize your site design for the best user experience. First, understand the differences. As each term is constantly being redefined in design, I’d like to remind you to not […]