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The Best Salesforce Solutions You Don’t Want To Miss

This article will examine the key aspects that make Salesforce Solutions the leaders in the CRM space. Learn how Salesforce’s diverse solutions can revolutionise your business, improving sales productivity, customer service, and maximising marketing ROI. Salesforce Solutions is a cloud-based platform that organizes and optimizes critical customer data and operational processes. Sales Cloud, for example, can increase productivity […]

The best digital transformation technologies in 2024

Digital transformation technologies are the tools and solutions that enable organizations to adopt and implement digital capabilities to create new or modify existing products, services, and operations. They aim to increase value, innovation, customer experience, and efficiency in the digital age. According to Statista, the global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach a staggering 3.4 […]

Best Salesforce Solutions Lead Your Business To Success

This blog will explore the main aspects that make Salesforce Solutions leading in CRM. Discover how Salesforce’s diverse solutions, from its fundamental principles, can revolutionize your company, increasing sales productivity, improving customer service and maximizing your marketing ROI. Salesforce is a cloud platform solution that organizes and optimizes critical customer data as well as operational […]

Best practices for managing refunds and chargebacks

Best practices for managing refunds and chargebacks Many businesses will be affected by COVID-19, which places new restrictions worldwide. Guests are cancelling their attendance at events, and clients are withdrawing from bookings. This uncertainty has also led to a rise in chargebacks and refunds, creating tension between customers and business owners. Wix is working hard to […]

7 Best Practices for Sharing UGC on Your Brand’s Social Media Channels

7 Best Practices for Sharing UGC on Your Brand’s Social Media Channels It is difficult to underestimate the power of user generated content (UGC) on social media today. After the success of Coca-Cola’s Share a Coca-Cola campaign, 35% of B2C marketers said they had plans to use it in 2016. But, more than half ( 56 percent), of consumers believe […]

17 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools for 2022

WhatsApp is second only to Facebook as the most popular platform. Marketers are making the most out of WhatsApp’s reach and ease-of-use by using it for marketing communications. WhatsApp is used to share more than 100 million messages every day across the globe. It’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a popular platform for marketers. It’s where all customers are. WhatsApp […]