Email Marketing Services: How Groove Can Help

Did you know that Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to reach customers. Although it can be difficult to create an email strategy, you will see the return on your investment.

Groove Commerce, a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency as well as a Klaviyo Partner Agency, is committed to providing a white-glove service to all our customers. We work with you to develop email campaigns that convert as a full-service eCommerce company. Continue reading to find out more about our email marketing services.

Email Success with Final Draft

It doesn’t matter if you are new to email marketing, or if you have been implementing email in your strategy for the first time. The key to success is reaching your targeted audience at the right moment in the customer journey. Let’s look at how Groove helped Final Draft, the #1 screenwriting software company in the world.

Final Draft’s experience after working with our team is shown below:

  • Revenues up 108%
  • 69% increase in eCommerce conversion rates
  • Transactions up 151%
  • 30% average email open rate
  • Average email click-through rate of 3%

How did we achieve these results? We combined our strategic and creative teams to create email marketing strategies that engaged Final Draft’s customers, prospects, and leads at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Our Email Marketing Services

Segmentation of Audiences and Smart Lists

You can manage your contacts and track the performance of email campaigns using audience segmentation. We will work with you to develop smart lists based upon demographics, shopping habits, and interests. Smart lists can be used to identify people who are interested in particular products or services and allow you to send personalized content. No more overflowing your inboxes by general content!

So that all recipients get the content they need, send emails to the appropriate people in your database. This increases engagement and converts people because they are receiving content that interests them. Expect to see better metrics in your reports.

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Let’s look at the Final Draft example. We also cleaned, analyzed, and organized the company’s contact database. Additionally, we assessed their buyer personas and created smart lists to organize contacts based upon their next possible purchase. These lists were then used as enrollment triggers in workflows.

Email Marketing Automation & Workflows

automation can increase productivity and reduce time. Our team works with you to create customized workflows that help shoppers move through the customer journey. Because we understand your customers’ buying decisions, the smart lists that we create are tailored to your company. With workflows and automation tools, you can get your message to your audience at the right moment and automate enrollment triggers as well as distribution schedules.

A/B Testing & Custom Templates

Our designers and developers can help you increase engagement, click-through rates, and revenue. Our designers and developers can help you create custom email templates. We also use A/B Testing to ensure that your emails are sending out the best-performing emails to your contacts.

Marketers can easily test different subject lines to determine which version generates the highest open rates. It is important to evaluate email design and copy because they can have a huge impact on engagement. You can increase engagement and sales by making data-informed email distribution decisions.

Our team tested subject lines for email campaigns until they received at least 30% of the open rates. We also tested the design of emails, including the placement of the call to action button. Each segmented mailing list contained a different message and format, which allows us to tailor future marketing efforts and align with the preferences of our audience.


Many clients have been able to generate revenue through customized email campaigns that use HubSpot and Klaviyo. Both platforms are trusted by our team because they work with our email marketing services. We have also seen proven results for clients using either HubSpot or Kloviyo-email-sms-guide.


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