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Announcement – Polygon Fundamentals Course launched

Announcement – Polygon Fundamentals Course launched   Scalability is a major concern in the crypto and blockchain world. In recent years, layer 2 scaling solutions like Polygon are very popular. The new Polygon Fundamentals Course has been launched to assist our learners in scalability. Decentralization is a way to eliminate intermediaries but it also comes with the responsibility of […]

Fulfillment & Shipping Setup for the Holiday Season 2020

Fulfillment & Shipping Setup for the Holiday Season 2020 Your eCommerce sales revenue won’t be in your bank account until everything is shipped and fulfilled successfully. This final step is critical to ensuring customers are satisfied and increasing their lifetime value. This is perhaps the most important fact in eCommerce history, and it’s even more so […]

The 2022 Live Stream Shopping Revolution Will Rule the World – What You Need To Know

China is the best place to start if you want to predict how live streaming shopping will impact eCommerce’s future. Alibaba’s live streaming selling platform Taobao Live boasts nearly 40 million users. Last year’s Singles Day shopping festival, which was billed as the largest 24-hour online sales event in the world, saw the Taobao marketplace make $7.5 […]

17 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools for 2022

WhatsApp is second only to Facebook as the most popular platform. Marketers are making the most out of WhatsApp’s reach and ease-of-use by using it for marketing communications. WhatsApp is used to share more than 100 million messages every day across the globe. It’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a popular platform for marketers. It’s where all customers are. WhatsApp […]