17 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools for 2022

WhatsApp is second only to Facebook as the most popular platform. Marketers are making the most out of WhatsApp’s reach and ease-of-use by using it for marketing communications.

WhatsApp is used to share more than 100 million messages every day across the globe. It’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a popular platform for marketers. It’s where all customers are.

WhatsApp Marketing Software is the best way to market via WhatsApp. This marketing strategy has a high success rate, it is obvious. Many brands are being creative with their WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns.

This article will introduce you to some of the most popular WhatsApp marketing tools in India and the rest of the world.

What’s WhatsApp marketing software?

This tool allows your business to send bulk WhatsApp messages to customers without saving their contact information. Your entire WhatsApp Marketing Strategy.

This tool allows you to send engaging messages with text, images, and documents. These messages can be automated and sent out quickly to keep customers happy and engaged.

The benefits of using a Bulk WhatsApp sender in India

bulk WhatsApp Sender tools can help you take your business to new heights. These are its greatest advantages:

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1. Improved customer engagement

WhatsApp’s bulk messaging capabilities allow you to connect with a wider user base and increase customer engagement.

2. Positioning of brands

You can reach more people to position your brand in the market and increase visibility for your products.

3. Your internal teams should be strengthened

This tool can be used to create a team that is strong, collaborative, and capable of inventing new ideas.

4. Please share valuable information

The best WhatsApp marketing software allows you to easily send promotional WhatsApp messages or useful information to customers about projects, events and activities. You can also keep them updated about any orders.

Some of these tools use the official WhatsApp API. It has been highlighted in the text whenever it is. The linked article explains the differences between the official WhatsApp API and the WhatsApp Business app.

Here are our top 8 choices for bulk WhatsApp software that you can use:


DelightChat is a top-rated WhatsApp marketing tool in India. It offers complete marketing solutions to help you grow your ecommerce business.

With the official WhatsApp Business API, you can send unlimited WhatsApp bulk messages to recover abandoned carts, notify customers about orders, and many other things.

DelightChat lets you send customized WhatsApp broadcast messages to help your business achieve 26x ROI on marketing spends.

The platform allows you to ensure the right message is reaching the right customers at the right moment. The platform’s main features include 2-way messaging, shared team mailbox, bulk automated notifications and ROI tracking. Shopify integration is also available.

Register today to receive for free


Sendwo is an official bulk WhatsApp sending tool. They’re a desk-based app that allows you send messages from your PC and WhatsApp accounts. They do not yet offer an API.

The bulk WhatsApp sender app is free and very popular all over the globe. This anti-blocking technology is great for small and medium-sized businesses who want to increase sales and user interaction. The app supports multiple languages and allows for automatic customization.

Other notable features include 24×7 customer service, multiple contact storage and fraud detection.


Zoko allows you to share your WhatsApp Business number and inbox with your entire team. Zoko offers very basic functionality, but it may be best if you require all the features to help customers.

Zoko charges $34.99/month plus per conversation charge. If you keep within the conversation limits, their pricing structure will be affordable. Zoko uses the official WhatsApp Business API, which will allow your business to succeed and increase revenue.

Zoko allows you to create tickets and assign them different agents depending on the type of request. This channel helps to increase communication and accountability within your team. WhatsApp messages can include interactive buttons, which allow users to reply to your message.


Vepaar, also known as WhatHash, is an Indian WhatsApp marketing tool. It’s a flexible WhatsApp business app with advanced CRM features. This app is a great choice for businesses looking to automate processes.

You only need a WhatsApp Business Account to easily integrate with existing customers to get more leads or answer their queries. The app is free and agile. It supports quick responses, messages and saving media.

You can also set up business pages and e-commerce shops, conduct surveys, create dashboards, and create reports. It does the half-work when it comes to client interaction.


WATI is Clare.ai’s WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider (BSP). It also serves as a customer support tool. Customers can apply through them for the WhatsApp Business API and then use their shared Inbox tool to provide customer support.

You can also use the chatbot builder without coding to automate customer replies and create conversation flows. WATI was designed for B2C companies of all sizes. It is an excellent customer support tool, especially if you are only able to reply to customers via WhatsApp.

Wati is a tool that allows you to send promotional broadcasts directly to your customers. It’s powered by the official WhatsApp API. Prices start at $40 per month and are billed annually for 5 agents. There is no free trial.

WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it sender is a web-based WhatsApp Marketing Software built using the official WhatsApp API that has gained popularity in recent years.

This app is also free to download. It allows you to send personalized messages through a spreadsheet to all of your contacts. You can also add images, videos and emojis to your messages.

The app allows you to send up 5,000 messages for free. Other benefits include contact management, setting delay times between messages, bulk invitations for meetings and events as well as reports and dashboards.


Interakt is one the most affordable official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) on the market.

You can share a WhatsApp inbox with your team so they can all get online to help customers. It supports automatic order notifications to users, and allows for contact management via your admin dashboard.

Interakt is a tool that allows you to send bulk WhatsApp marketing messages. It uses the official API. It is also one of the most affordable ways to get started with WhatsApp API. Prices start at INR 999/month, or $15/month for unlimited logins.


RapBooster is another state-of the-art WhatsApp marketing tool that you can download for free. It is simple to use and easy to download.

RapBooster is an official bulk WhatsApp chat bot that gives you the tools to manage campaigns and increase results in every stage of your business. You can create multiple sender IDs to send customized messages. This will allow you to reach a larger audience and make your message more relevant.

You can also share unlimited photos, videos and other files with the app. RapBooster will give your business an advantage with features such as the ability to import/export data into.text and Excel files, fetch contact details from WhatsApp groups, instant chat replies, and instant delivery reports.


AiSensy provides an official Whatsapp business APIs-based customer support and marketing platform. Chatbots can be created and shared with other team members using the multi-agent shared mailbox. Use the official APIs to send promotional WhatsApp marketing messages.

Paid plans start at $14/month and provide 2000 monthly active users. Next pricing starts at $36/month, for 5000 active users per month, and goes up to $130/month if you have 20,000 active users per month.

You can try it for 14 days free. To get started, you don’t need a credit card.

Enjay World

Enjay World is another WhatsApp marketing software built using the official WhatsApp API. This allows for increased communication and ROI. You can use it to achieve your marketing goals.

Enjay World offers a 4-step process that will help you with WhatsApp marketing. A Google Sheet template can be used as your bulk WhatsApp sender.

You can benefit from the Portable conversion tools, intelligent voice response, user activity monitoring, and integration with Whatsapp API as a user of this application.


Gallabox is a platform that helps businesses to generate more leads and increase sales via WhatsApp Business APIs and chatbots. This tool allows you to send marketing messages via WhatsApp using the official API.

Prices start at $40 per month for the Growth plan, which gives you 5 users and is perfect for small businesses. A Scale plan costs $75 per month. This plan allows you to have 10 users. It is perfect for businesses who require high-level conversational flow.


WappBlaster, a top-rated official WhatsApp marketing tool that allows you to send unlimited Bulk SMS messages to your contacts, is WappBlaster. It offers unique features that will help you market your business.

It includes multi-language functionality, reporting capabilities and an anti-blocking algorithm that blocks bulk messaging.


Tellephant, a WhatsApp Business Solution, provides bulk messaging, templates and simple chatbots. This tool allows you to send large promotional broadcasts via WhatsApp.

Paid plans start at $29 per month and offer 1000 Conversations Free of Charge and $0.010 per Conversation. You can have 1000 free conversations for $99 per month and $0.006 per conversation. You can try it for 30 days free. Sign up without a credit card


QuickReply provides an all-in one business solution that allows eCommerce businesses to manage customer service and marketing via website chat, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. You can also use it to manage customer interactions via the Web, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and SMS.

The forever free plan allows you to keep you account, but you will have to pay $ 0.01106 per message to send a message. They offer 3 plans: the Starter plan starts at $35/month, Standard plan is $80/month, and Plus plan is $199/month.


BusinessOnBot allows you to run end-to–end marketing via WhatsApp using chatbots, automated sequences and bulk messages. This company is based in India, and is backed by Y Combinator. This bulk WhatsApp sender can be used to market to customers via the official API.

You can request a customized quote for pricing by contacting them and sharing your requirements.


Bitespeed combines Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp marketing features into one program. Bitespeed is primarily used for marketing purposes, but now Bitespeed also has a support email. They are focused on ecommerce businesses, and their use cases.

There is a free plan that charges only WhatsApp message fees. However, to unlock WhatsApp customer service, broadcast marketing, or use your own number, prices start at $49.99/mo and a 14-day trial.


Woztell allows you to send push notifications via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. You can also create chatbots 24/7 that you can live stream on your website, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Woztell allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages for promotional purposes.

If you have more than 100 active users per month, it will offer forever free pricing The Starter plan starts at $39. If you have 400 users, the plan costs only $39. The next plan is $89 and provides 1000 MAUs.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender: The Downside to Unofficial Tools

Let’s now look at two tools that can be used for bulk WhatsApp messages.

1. WebChat

WebChat, an unofficial tool, is not associated with WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web allows you to use the app just like a normal app.

2. WhatWeb Plus

WhatWeb Plus, another unofficial tool, integrates with WhatsApp Web to send offline and online notifications to your smartphone. It’s free and easy to set-up for up to two numbers. You can subscribe for as little as 3 to 20 numbers.

These tools have been much discussed, but we don’t recommend that you use them for WhatsApp messages. There is the risk of your number being banned. WhatsApp has clearly defined guidelines for keeping spamming under control.

These are the drawbacks to using unofficial WhatsApp tools.

  • The Green Tick Verification is not available. This adds credibility to your company.
  • These unofficial tools could not work as WhatsApp continues to grow and make changes to its platform.
  • Last but not least, they are not associated with WhatsApp, so there is a high chance of your number being banned.

We highly recommend that all businesses sign up for the official API.

Additionally, WhatsApp API pricing is now significantly easier and more user-friendly over the years.

DelightChat – The Best WhatsApp Marketing Software To Grow Your Business

Today’s customers expect superior experiences during their brand journey. bulk WhatsApp sender with official API will allow you to reach a large customer base quickly and engage them via interactive messages on their preferred communication channel.

The WhatsApp Business platform by DelightChat is packed with solutions that will power your communication strategy.

  • A WhatsApp shared inbox lets you manage customer support tickets
  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts using the official API
  • Verification via WhatsApp Green Tick for your brand
  • Shopify integration automates abandoned cart recovery, COD order confirmation and many other features

source https://www.delightchat.io/blog/bulk-whatsapp-marketing-software

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