BigCommerce Website: Migrating 4 Sites Into 1

Many eCommerce businesses have difficulty optimizing the user experience when it comes to the website designing process. One of our clients was one of these. We migrated multiple eCommerce sites to BigCommerce to improve customer experience and simplify the process of creating custom BigCommerce products.

BigCommerce Website Migration: Barron Designs

Barron Designs sells interior design products that are handcrafted and innovative, as well as affordable. With the largest selection of styles and textures in the industry, Barron Designs sells both directly to consumer and business-to-business.

The Problem

This is what Barron Designs looked like before working with Groove.


The company didn’t have a BigCommerce website before we joined them. Instead, they had four websites for each product category. They had websites for faux columns, faux beams, faux panels, faux beams, and rustic accents.

Poor User Experience and Back-End Functionality

The custom platform used to create these websites was extremely challenging for the team to manage. To make a simple modification to the site, a developer must have a solid understanding of website design.

The company wanted to improve the user experience on their websites, as they were difficult to navigate. Because the websites were built on a custom platform, the back-end was difficult to update and manage. This presented challenges for integrations and migrations.

They also wanted to be able to cross-sell similar products. Our team was able to assist the company in rebranding and combining the four websites into one.

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The Solution

Here’s the Barron Designs website as it looks now:


Combine 4 Websites Into 1

The store was migrated to BigCommerce using exports from previous stores. Barron Designs can create custom products for BigCommerce customers with the help of an easy-to-use back-end interface.

They now sell all inventory from their four previous websites through one BigCommerce website. This helps the company’s cross selling strategy as customers now have access to all product options from one website.

Make a custom BigCommerce product

The faux beams can be very complex when it comes to ordering products. Customers have many options. You can adjust the width and height by half an inch, and the length by one-half of an inch. The products come in a range of colors.

Instead of displaying 1,000,000+ products in the back end, we used BigCommerce back-end functionality and created the custom item for each order.

This means that a new product is created in the BigCommerce website every time a customer adds a custom item to their shopping cart. The product is not available in BigCommerce unless the customer creates it.


If another person ordered the exact same product as a customer previously placed, the product would be pulled from BigCommerce’s back-end since it had been created before. Barron Designs can now create products in real time, which is an enormous improvement on their four previous online stores.

The Results

On October 13, 2020, Barron Designs’ BigCommerce website was launched. Barron Designs has had nearly 12,000 users since the site’s launch. Visitors view an average of 2.5 pages per visit. We are excited to see the company grow in the future.


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