B2B Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps For Success

B2B content marketing strategies are vastly different to B2C. Before you start content marketing, make sure to know who your audience is, what their buying habits are, and how you plan to interact with them. Communicate how your company can solve the problems they are facing in your business.

4 B2B Content Marketing Strategy Tips For Success

1. A Personalized Approach to Nurturing Based On Behavior

Your brand experience will not be the same for everyone. Your B2B content marketing strategy must be improved if they have. Personalized nurture journeys that are based on customer behavior can be a way to give people dynamic brand experiences.

Let’s say that a few prospects visit a web page repeatedly. This segment can be nurtured by setting up an automated workflow to send them content that is related to what they have viewed. You can customize the workflow to meet your business goals. You can set enrollment criteria to target people who have visited the website over different time periods. The criteria you choose will vary depending on your business goals. Here are some examples:

  • In the past month, has viewed this web page?
  • A minimum of 30 seconds has been spent on any given web page
  • Awarded 5 or more views to a web page

Targeting customers who buy from your business regularly is another example of nurturing based upon behavior. You can send them an automated confirmation email when their order is in transit, or 365 days after purchase to request a product review. Automated workflows offer endless nurturing options!

2. Create Content for Each Lifecycle Stage and Segment

To do this, it is necessary to first understand each stage of the lifecycle. This is what it looks like in most cases:

  • Subscribes Person
  • A person becomes a leader
  • Qualified lead/opportunity for a person
  • A customer is a person.
  • A person becomes a brand ambassador/customer loyalist

Make sure your content addresses the issues faced at each stage. Let’s say your company offers SEO and email marketing services. To inform subscribers and leads about email marketing and SEO, and how they affect businesses’ bottom lines, create content. You can create content for customers and brand advocates that they can refer to later when they use your product or service. Think how to solve this particular problem with this product/service.

3. Use gated content

Gated content is any content on the internet that requires users to provide their personal information (such as email, first and last names) to gain access to something of value. We are confident that any successful B2B content strategy will use gated content in one form or another. This is because it’s difficult to get traction with untagged content and it’s hard to persuade people to give their information if they don’t receive much in return.

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Webinars, downloadable guides, product demos and templates are all great examples of gated content. These types of gated content have been a success in the B2B market.

4. Collaborate with others in the industry to create co-marketing content

You should look for other companies that are reputable in your industry and do not be afraid to approach them for a partnership. Create content that benefits both the businesses and their targeted audiences. We have teamed up with BigCommerce, Searchspring and other businesses to produce tons of co-marketing content. These partnerships can be viewed on the resources page.


These four steps are key to creating a B2B marketing strategy that brings more customers to your company. We are here to answer any questions you may have about B2B eCommerce and content marketing. Contact us via the form below to speak with a member our team about how we can improve your B2B Ecommerce marketing strategy.


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