How Ecommerce Product Recommendations Can Help You Grow Your Sales

How Ecommerce Product Recommendations Can Help You Grow Your Sales

The ecommerce product recommendation is a fundamental topic that must be understood. It includes growth benefits as well as some ways they can be applied across the entire ecommerce experience.

Definition of Ecommerce Product Recommendations

Based on previous purchases, browsing history or interest, product recommendations suggest items that customers might like. Product recommendations can be based on your most popular products or more specific items that are relevant to the location of a customer. They influence how consumers interact with your brand and help to foster long-term loyalty.

Recommendations are an integral part of every successful retailer’s online strategy. They help customers find the products most relevant to them and lower barriers to purchase. They make it easier for shoppers to navigate your website, which in turn helps drive more sales, order value, and revenue for your brand.


Ecommerce Product Recommendations: The Growth Benefits

Ecommerce product recommendations are more than a positive shopping experience. They also have a tremendous impact on your business KPIs.

Higher conversion rate: Brands such as Woodhouse Clothing can increase conversion by up to 44% through product recommendations that are inspiring their customers.

Reduced bounce rate – Engage shoppers who are about to leave your site with an exit intent popup that shows your most popular products and items related to what they have browsed.

Higher average order value: This includes cross-selling and upselling during checkout, as well as showcasing product bundles which are often purchased with the product that a shopper sees.

Increased site time/on pages: This is similar to falling into the Youtube rabbit hole (which many have experienced at some point). Providing products that align with a customer’s interests (brand, style, or geographical) encourages them engage with your products and discover new products.

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Lower abandonment rate : Reintroduce products that shoppers have left behind in their cart using exit intent popups and email communications.


Example of personalized ecommerce recommendations

Ecommerce product recommendations are a great way to improve customer interaction and provide a consistent experience. They should be tailored to your customers and businesses, but there are many pages that you can use to plug them in to enhance the user experience.

These are some examples of personalized product recommendations that you can use.

Homepage Product Recommendations

Although the homepage is not always the first page that a visitor sees, it can still be a crucial place to establish the brand’s identity for people who don’t know much about you. Although you might not have enough behavioral data available to personalize the experience for visitors, this page can be used to highlight your top-selling products and those most likely to increase conversion.


Recommendations for Pop-ups

This is a great opportunity to reduce bounce rates and re-engage indecisive customers. Pop-ups can be used to offer limited-time discounts and collect email addresses. You can also display recommendations based upon browsing history, items that a shopper added to their shopping cart, but did not buy, or similar items.


Recommendations for Shopping Cart Page

You can activate cross-selling and up-selling strategies by using the cart page. To remind customers about the most important items they have searched for, you can include product recommendations to this page. Customers who click on the cart page recommendation actually make a purchase of up to 25%.


Recommendations for 404 Pages

Some may view this as a dead end in the customer journey. However, it is an opportunity to direct shoppers towards checkout and strengthen your product recommendations strategy. Your 404 page can be transformed from a negative experience to one that promotes product discovery by using ‘previously viewed and ‘popular item’ recommendations.


Recommendations for Email Marketing

59% retailers say marketing emails affect their decision to buy, making a product recommendations email strategy an easy way to increase conversion.

There are many clever ways to include product recommendations in your email strategy.

Personal newsletters: Increase the relevancy and effectiveness of your email marketing. Add a personalized recommendation to your emails – from top sellers to popular products to items your shopper looked at during their last visit.

Re-engagement emails: A way to get back in touch with customers who have not been to your store in a while is to send them a “We Miss You” email. This email is designed to reactivate customers who have not purchased from you for a while and promotes new products based on past shopping preferences. This tactic is particularly important when you plan your holiday marketing strategy.

After-purchase emails: Make your thank you email more personal and encourage greater product discovery. You can also set up a reminder for the shopper a few days to weeks after their previous purchase to remind them of new products, trends, or items that are related to that purchase.

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Find out how Ecommerce product recommendations can impact your specific business goals

Personalized product recommendations aren’t just an expectation for consumers. They’re also one layer of an unforgettable shopping experience.

Remember thatrecommendations do not fit all. Every brand has its own business goals, so these recommendations should be applied in line with those goals.


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