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In order to remain ahead in the fast-paced, technology-driven world many are turning to cutting-edge software ecosystems like SmartOSC to assist them grow and flourish. The SmartOSC ecosystem provides a variety of options that assist businesses in connecting, managing, and optimize all of their systems, data, and processes.


One of the key elements of the SmartOSC ecosystem is inCloud KinCloud, an integration platform that allows companies to connect and automate their systems and processes quickly. With KinCloud, businesses can streamline their processes, get rid of data silos, and drive growth.

Our servicesinclude:

Grit International

SmartOSC also comes with Grit Global eCommerce, which aids businesses to manage their online stores effectively. Grit Global allows businesses to develop user-friendly websites as well as take payments and orders online. Grit Global eCommerce solutions include Atom8 – an all-in one automated system, BackOrder inventory management that can save sales and OrderBooster cross-sell and upsell solutions.

Our Services:

SmartOSC Fintech

Another interesting area of focus on the SmartOSC ecosystem is SmartOSC Fintech, a technology-based financial consultancy that aids banks and financial institutions navigate the ever-changing financial world. SmartOSC Fintech Fintech team at SmartOSC will assist you in the implementation of new banking systems, improve financial processes, and develop specific financial solutions for your business.

SmartOSC Blockchain

Another innovative solution offered by SmartOSC is the wide array of blockchain development services. Numerous companies are looking to use the power of blockchain technology to develop decentralized apps (DApps), stablecoins and other innovative solutions. SmartOSC Blockchain is equipped with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to assist companies to achieve their blockchain goals.

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In addition to blockchain, SmartOSC also includes blockchain. SmartOSC ecosystem also comes with ConnectPOS which is an all-inclusive point-of-sale solution that is customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. With CPOS, you can centralize information from multi-[le sales touchpoints, manage orders and inventory, and monitor the performance of your store using in-depth reports to create a seamless omnichannel journey for customers.


The SmartOSC ecosystem also includes SmartOSC DX, which is a digital transformation solution that allows enterprises to create personalized and engaging digital experiences for customers. SmartOSC DX is a leading provider of digital transformation services. They have 50+ projects and over 5 years of experience. SmartOSC DX can assist you to build a custom HRM system, or an e-office that is truly paperless.


Overall all, the SmartOSC ecosystem is a complete and cutting-edge software solution that will help companies of all sizes grow and prosper in the current digital age. With its array of products, such as KinCloud, Grit Global, Fintech blockchain, CPOS, and DX, SmartOSC has the expertise and capability to help companies succeed in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

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